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Career Development

Pepperdine student receives career counseling


Career Services

Pepperdine career services consultation

Career Services cultivates students' purpose through career exploration and planning. Students are equipped to build their careers with the support of industry specialists who foster company partnerships that yield internships, graduate school options, and jobs nationwide. With faculty connections and an alumni network 90,000+ strong, students enhance their professional development. 50% of our seniors have jobs on graduation day.

Student Employment

three Pepperdine students at work

Our Student Employment Office serves both students and supervisors in the on- and off-campus employment process. Working provides more than a paycheck, as student employees have opportunities for career exploration, resume building, and networking that ultimately helps prepare them for lives of purpose, service and leadership.

Internship Opportunities

three Pepperdine students intern at Boeing

We provide local access to a wide variety of leading companies in major industries in and around Los Angeles, and our network of employers reaches into many other major markets as well. Students' internship experiences are integral to jumpstarting careers upon graduation. Our commitment to working with students to compete for highly-selective positions contributes to our high rates of employment after college.

Contact Us

 Student Life Campus Contacts

For all emergencies such as fire, ambulance, or sheriff, call 911 (9-911 from campus phone) and the Department of Public Safety, 310-506-4441.